The Faxcination projects are made possible thanks to Governmental and Private Support for the creation of our "Animation Roads".

 About us Since the project was launched in 1996" the workshops of Netanimation have been organized in Africa, Europe, America and Asia. Most of them have been supported by
 Contact us Belgium Belgacom , Directorate-General for Development Cooperation- Holland The European Cultural Foundation Portugal - Macau Fundacao Oriente (Since November 2004 you can also surf in Portuguese)
  Today's animation is getting interactive. It changes the way stories are told and presented around the World. Here again FAXCINATION aims to connect people from different origin and to create together non linear, interactive NETANIMATION STORIES .
  For this New stage we are looking for New support Contact us
For more information on the project philosophy please go to
the UNICEF - MAGIC (Media Activities and Good Ideas by, with and for Children) website. And also on theNetd@ys Ireland wesite.
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