Young people aged 12 and up will be working off of a fax from Jerusalem, Goa, Durban or another place.

The project invites groups, or individuals, to contribute sequences of drawings,The sequences are then transmitted by fax (or by email) to various international locations to be added to a series of animated projects known as The Fax Film Roads. The 'roads' develop as other people and groups contribute further to the work. The FAXCINATION participant initially needs only the formatted 'Fax Film' page to enable them to continue the sequence faxed to them from another country. Each group participates in the writing of the Fax Film Road. In the process, the participant will discover different animation 'sharewares', graphic programs and sound.

The resulting project is presented alongside the previous Fax Film Roads on the FAXCINATION CD and partly on the web..

 About us     A series of 5-6 sequences of fax produces a FAX FILM ROAD also called an ANIMATION ROAD  See samples of FAXFILM pages made in Europe and in Asia From Feebruary the 15 th 2005 (sorry for the delay)
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