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FAXCINATION is involved in different Net Events in Europe and in Asia

"Circus 2000"

is a Networking Animation event to create a virtualCircus.CIRCUS 2000 was one out of five Netevents organised in the framework of Prague 2000 AN INITIATIVE OF THE 9 EUROPEAN CITIES OF CULTURE FOR THE YEAR 2000.

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"The Broken Toys" - A Tribute to the Children's Right Day. Online and screened festival of web animation in 1999. Broken Toys was the first Animated Gif festival in Central Europe. During the event FAXCINATION also launched a series of workshop
for kids affected with cancer at the "Motol Hospital-Prague". Sponsoring: The European Cultural Foundation (Amsterdam)


"Cafe 9" (Helsinki) was a European event which linked 9 European cities of the Cultures. FAXCINATION was invited to organized a series of workshops of "Networked Animation" between remoted groups of young people to create an animated universe on the theme of the Circus

the European Cultural Foundation (Amsterdam)

"the Directorate-General for Development Cooperation (DGDC)" (Brussels)
with the collaboration of the "Centre for Contemporary Art"(Prague)
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FAXCINATION started its workshops in Asia in 1996. Workshops of Netanimation have been launch in Mongolia, Cambodia, Macao, Hong Kong, Malaisia and Vietnam. Sponsoring "Fundacao Oriente" - Macau, "the Directorate-General for Development Cooperation (DGDC)"- Brussels



And Now 3D Networking animation! After 10 years of 2D faxed animation and networking creations FAXCINATION continues to update its projects. Here is a unique 3D CHAIN ANIMAION ROAD.

Today, multimedia and 3D animation are also part of the workshops that FAXCINATION proposes for the creation of New Networking projects. JOIN IN THE RICE ROAD that started in a Vietnamese university and was continued by kids in FRANCE: (Find More on The Rice Road)
  FAXCINATION involved in Film Development Plans in Europe and in Asia
FAXCINATION invited at the Asia-Europe Film Development Plan Meeting organized by the ASEF and Cinemanila MANILA AUGUST 2002   Seminary on quality visual culture for Children - AMSTERDAM OCTOBER 2004

With the need to preserve cultural diversity greatly emphasized, the advent of globalization also opens windows of opportunities for cooperation among nations. This scenario also holds true for the filmmaking sector.

With the growing cinematographic exchanges between Asia and Europe, there is a need to promote a better knowledge of filmmaking and distribution in these regions, which is particularly important for young and independent filmmakers.The main purpose of the gathering was to -promote a better knowledge of filmmaking and distribution in Asia and Europe and foster film cooperation between these regions through the exchange of ideas, experiences, networks and projects.

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  FAXCINATION AT CINEKID The "Networked Animation Roads" have been invited for a presentation at the CINEKID 2004 seminars "One of the goals of Cinekid is the stimulation of quality in visual culture for children. By placing topical subjects on the agenda and discussing them during the course of the festival, Cinekid hopes to stimulate the production of high quality film, television and new media, and the discussion surrounding them." (October 2004)

An Animation Road for KID. for those of you 6-11 years old. FAXCINATION presents a Road that was started by kids from Ireland on the Theme of the SILK ROAD.


  Chester Beatty Library/ FAXCINATION Competition Kids 6-11 are invited to submit stories and pictures inspired by adventures on the Silk Road
Look and drive on the first SIlkRoad made in Dublin (June 2004) Teachers, you are welcome to join in the Silk Road with your kids own pictures. Contact us


Sponsorship collaboration: FAXCINATION is looking for a sponsor for the development of the RICE ROAD in South East Asia and in Europe. Partnership with IT firms, educational, cultural centres and funders. Please contact us info@faxcination.com


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