About us is an online school of animation and a workshop organiser for netanimation
Contact us It introduced animation film, network creation, and IT to group of youth around the globe. Today's workshops of "Networking Animation" are bringing together in the creation group of youth with difficult acces to basic equipment; such as in Mongolia, Ethiopia, Laos and, Universities or High Schools.
Starting from formated faxed pages to send sequences of animation, the project has integrated the more recent technologies to teach and produce web animation in a global creation.

About the project conceptor

Gyora GAL GLUPCZYNSKI (1958) MBA in Visual Art.
GGG has worked as an animator, film director and netanimation teacher in Belgium, Czech Republic, Mongolia, and Macao.
Previous classical film work include: institutional presentation (clay, and cell animation). TV serial in cell animation, Documentary film (video) author film in cell and puppet animation. Since 1998 GGG works mainly in digital production for the internet. Work includes web design, internet content provider, multimedia presentation for NGO, and artist.Today GGG lives and works in Hanoi Vietnam where he produces his own animation and documentary film project along side with work for an International Institution in the field of film in Europe and in Asia.
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